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Every marketer needs hits. Quality hits. My people are professionals and they do a great job of hitting other people's sites.

If ya' wanna' email your links to them, they will click through and hit your site.

If ya' wanna' use banner or text ads, my people will click them and put the hits out there for you.

I ya' like surfin' old school style... Well, they will hit your site that way, too.

However you need your site hit, my people can do it for you.

Now this is a huge favor that we will be doing you... We might need you to do a little something something for us...Like put a few hits on some sites yourself. Capiche?

That's how this whole thing works. We help you out and you help a few others, too.

Ready to get started?

It's easy...Just add your name to our list of associates and we'll help you out with your hits.



P.S. The Godfather will reward you with a Silver Zubee coin just for logging in each day. For his special soldiers and capos he'll give you a Gold Zubee coin.

P.S.S. There's a great opportunity when you log in for the first time to become a capo in the Godfather's army. Look it over carefully and make your decision...wisely.



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